About us

Already at the end of 2001 we set up our work with the aim to relieve the poverty and misery in poor and underdeveloped regions and started off by carrying out the first relief measures within a dependent foundation. The aims and tasks we laid down then were taken over by our own incorporated public foundation end of 2002 and have been continued since then without restrictions.

On 3rd December 2002 the Darmstadt Regional Council acknowledged  the Astrid and Toni Schmid Foundation as an incorporated public foundation according to § 80 BGB (German civil code) together with § 3 Paragraph 1 of the Hessian Law on Foundations.

On 27.04.09 we received the DZI donation seal of approval. With this it has been officially confirmed that the Astrid and Toni Schmid Foundation is an eligible charity.

The Chairman of the Foundation and the Foundation Board work on a voluntary basis. No money goes into the administration. Travel costs for the projects are funded out of our own pockets