Drinking Water Supply

Since the establishment of our Foundation in 2001 we have been funding the building of a well for the supply of drinking water in Peramiho and surrounding villages in Tanzania.

Water is the number one source of nourishment and it cannot be substituted by anything else. A human being can go without food for several weeks, but only about three days without water.

The people of Tanzania have little to drink during the dry season and the fields cannot be watered. Therefore it is our wish to give as many people as possible access to clean water so that the land can be cultivated and harvested. In addition it is important to raise the levels of hygiene in order to avoid illness. Clean water, which we take for granted, is an expensive and rare good for many African people. Approx, 20,000 people are now living in and around Peramiho and they are all being supplied with clean water.

The Astrid and Toni Schmid Foundation bears the expenses for the drilling of the well and for all necessary materials and machinery (pipes, pumps, water tanks etc.) The local people dig the trenches for water pipes and carry out all supporting tasks under the direction of a retired German water resources engineer.

The time schedule and dimensions of the drinking water project in Peramiho kept being expanded. Now it is finished. This means that since around July 2010 about 20,000 people are being supplied with drinking water.