Guarini Indian village Tekoa Miri

On our trip through Missiones (the northernmost province of Argentina) in 2008 we visited a small Indian village together with Father Josef, a Stehler missionary. In the settlement „Tekoa Miri“ in „Oro Verde“ we discovered about 100 inhabitants, half of them children, living in appallingly poverty-stricken conditions.

Water had to be fetched from a distant river. The primitive huts had no floor, so the people were just living on the bare ground.

After seeing this we spontaneously went about drilling a well. In the meantime the well is finished and a water tank has been installed. Prof. Limberger a teacher trainer in the EFAs has taken it over and supports the Indians in Oro Verde with his research institute.

About 20 students from his institute are in Oro Verde and together with the Indians they are planting fruit trees and vegetables such as beans, Manioc Patata and bananas. This should enable the villagers to become self-sufficient. ‚A basis for this has been made with the water from the well.

We have an agreement with Prof. Limberger, who studied in Germany, that his students will teach and support the Indians until they are fully self-sufficient.

In 2009 – after setting up the drinking water supply – we also built a school. Here the Guarini children have full-time lessons on three days a week.

Upon completion of the school the project was vistited by the German Ambassador Günter Kneiss.

Our visit in 2008, the drilling of a well and the work of Prof. Limberger were a trigger for Tekoa Miri. In the meantime the community  Capiovi even has built primitive wooden houses (30 square metres per family) and have agreed to provide teachers for the school.