Escuela Ed. Especial San José Obrero

Since the beginnning of 2011 we have been funding the operation of the school for the disabled Escuela Ed. Especial San José Obrero in Merlo Moreno.

The school has been enlarged and fully renovated using funds from the „Sternsinger“ (carol singers).

The foundations of this school were laid by a former priest who had come across totally unacceptable conditions on his parish visits.

More than a few families had tied their disabled children to beds and chairs because they did not know how to deal with them otherwise. The priest started by offering supervision for the children in his vicarage. Over time this developed into a private school.

In order to be acknowledged as a state school, a great deal of renovation work had to be carried out. After its completion we started funding the running of the school by paying the tuition fees for the 77 disabled children.

The tuition fees will be paid until the school is officially acknowledged as a state school and the fees for the children are granted. Both were applied for months ago and according to experience may take until the end of 2012